This course is aimed to blasting foremen who has worked professionally with blasting and has at least 1 year experience. The course follows the requirements set for a blasting foreman, blasting license class A, set by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. A blasting license is granted after completing the course with a passing grade for the kind of work that complements the work experience of the participant.
The course is also suitable for construction managers, purchasers, consultants, planners, goverment officals and more. The course is also a requirement for further education in order to become a blasting supervisor.


– Explosives (Classification, Properties, Products, History and Products)
– Initiation systems (Non electric (safety fuse, detonating cord), Electric systems, Shock tube systems, Electronic initation systems)
– Laws, regulations and provisions (AFS 2007:1, AFS 2010:1 and MSBs provisions regarding storage, possession and transportation of explosive goods)
– Practical exercises (Demonstration of explosive effects, destruction of explosives, connecting exercises)
– General blasting theory – Geology, terms and blasting theory
– Blasting theory – Bench blasting, drilling-, charging-, and firing patterns
– Blasting theory – Low bench blasting, trench blasting, and special forms of blasting
– General information regarding cautious blasting
– Charging, connecting and resistance calculation and measuring
– Planning and blasting economy
– Quality and environmental work when blasting
– Written exam, overview


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Course length: 48 hours (5 days)
Price: 18 000 SEK (tax not included)

Practical certification

A blasting license has 2 requirements: a basic course in blasting technology and practical experience. There are different requirements for Blasting license class A and B. The stipulations for Blasting license class B are listed in the attestation document below and you can find the information for Blasting license class A can be found here >>

There are also requirements for practical experience when applying for a drilling license. The requirements are stipulated on the attestation documents below.